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Passion Dance Experience

Loosen your body. Stretch. Breathe fully. Expand.
Let go of your mind's continuous chatter.
Shift your attention to your breath, and align it with the rhythm.
Let your body follow. Freely. Effortlessly.

Be aware.

What feels good? Observe it. Tune into it. Follow it. Breathe it. Move with it. Dance it. This is your Passion. Feel it circulating in your body. What's your turn-on? Beating heart. Flowing blood. Yang and Yin. What a buzz! Breathe. Feel the air in your lungs and on your skin. Oozing out your sweat. Warm. Juicy. Wet. How far does your passion burst out of your body? All the way and back.

Then let your skin melt, dissolving your body into space. Become an energy wave, surfing your breath. Vibrating. Light. Sparkling. Tingling. Throbbing. Pulsating. Awake. Free.


If You Don't Dance Your Passion,
Who Will?
Passion Dance training covers holistic fitness foundations: integrating conscious movement with mind, body, feelings, yoga, breath, meditation and prana.

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